The Other Side of the Border

A self-contained crime thriller, set on the border between the US and Mexico in the 1940s

The Other Side of the Border cover

Jean-Luc Fromental and Philippe Berthet have produced a steamy, sultry graphic novel in The Other Side of the Border. Set in Arizona in 1948, novelist François Combe has moved to the Santa Cruz Valley and becomes deeply fascinated by the desert, the frontier history and the clash of American and Mexican culture. However, as if his life wasn’t already complicated enough by living with his wife, child and mistress, he is drawn to the border town of Nogales, where prostitution and crime appear to be a way of life.

The Other Side of the Border was originally published in French by Dargaud, under the title De l’autre côté de la frontière, but has been released in English digitally by Europe Comics.

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