UPDATE: The sixth volume – Thorgal: City of the Lost God – is out now.

Having sold more than 13 million graphic novels in Europe, Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosinski’s Thorgal is a true fantasy epic. It’s set in a fictional seventh century, where magic exists and gods still roam the Earth alongside man.

Like a Viking Superman, Thorgal falls to Earth in a space capsule as a young child, and is named by his adoptive Scandinavian father after Thor, the Norse god of lightning. When his father dies he is isolated from the other children for being different, though one girl befriends him, lighting the spark under a relationship that will burn for many years.

It’s this very human partnership that drives Thorgal‘s plot, as the couple are separated and reunited throughout their lives. The series isn’t without its adventure, but unlike most fantasy comics you’ll come across, there’s more to Thorgal than mere swords and sorcery.

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