Thomas Wogan is Dead

Every now and again you come across a little book that carries so much charm and character that you can’t help but love it. Thomas Wogan is Dead is a quirky book, in which the lead character finds himself in a waiting room of the dead. His companions are animals – a bat that’s been killed by a cat, a frog who’s been squashed by a car, a cuckoo that goes postal and gets shot by a pest controller, even a sea urchin. Death is always just around the corner in nature.

Wogan, on the other hand, appears to have a very sedentary life. A nine to five job, a diet that could be better, living alone with only Baywatch and an unhealthy fascination for British TV cook Delia Smith to keep him company. What could possibly happen to him? You’ll have to read this dark but amusing tale to find out how it all goes wrong.

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