Marshal Law: Origins

We usually draw the line at prose books, even those with illustrations. But Marshal Law, and the names of his creators Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill, are so intricately wound into the British comics scene that it seems churlish to let it pass without mention.

Originally published by Epic Comics in the US, Marshal Law is an ultra tough future lawman, like Judge Dredd but taken to further extremes. His beat is San Futuro, an American city ravaged by natural disaster, where only gangs of superheroes remain, though there’s little left of them that could be described as heroic.

This book contains two short novellas which, according to Wikipedia, were previously published on comics website Cool Beans World. The first, The Day of the Dead was later brought into print by Titan Books in 2004, though the second, Cloak of Evil, would seem to be making it’s first print-based appearance here. Just to add a further sweetener, O’Neill has dug out some previously unseen illustrations for it.

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