Saga Valta: Book 1

A viking-style fantasy saga trilogy, available digitally from Europe Comics


Long Way Down

Jason Reynolds’ book-length poem gets the graphic novel treatment, courtesy of illustrations by Danica Novgrodoff.


The Cloven: Book 1

Gareth Stein and Matthew Southworth present the first volume in their “wryly funny” trilogy about a young man who just happens to have been born part goat.



Chris Gooch envisions a future where prisoners are kept underground in the ruins of our modern world.


Soon: Book 1

The story of a mother leaving her son, set over a hundred years into the future, when climate change has ravaged the Earth. Humanity’s only hope is in the stars, and Simone wants to help it survive.


One of Those Days

A story of childhood in the 1980s, following a typical day in a typical Spanish boy’s life, as he waits for the end of the world.


Wild West 1: Calamity Jane

The graphic biography of Calamity Jane, told by Thierry Gloris and luxuriously illustrated by Jacques Lamontagne.


The John Steel Files

Reprinted for the first time since the 1960s, with colour added to bring it right up to date, Thriller Picture Library’s classic strip has arrived to rival the spy-based antics of James Bond.