Imagine if your right to vote was based on how much money you have. This is the premise of Abraham Martinez’s Plutocracy

Plutocracy cover

You could argue that many of the world’s governments are already plutocracies, defined as governments that are run by the rich. Democracy often seems to be created by those with the biggest budgets for advertising and campaigning. However, set in 2051, this dystopian science-fiction story extrapolates our current situation into a true plutocracy, where the richest have taken over the roll of government, and the more money you have, the more say you get in how the world works.

Abraham Martinez writes and illustrates the book, which follows an anonymous investigator as he explores the future of government, trying to uncover how his government managed to surreptitiously overthrow democracy and change the world.

Plutocracy is due to be published by NBM on 27 October 2020.

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