Lonesome Days, Savage Nights

The latest story from horror comics maestro Steve Niles is about a private detective who’s harbouring a deep secret.

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights cover

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights has been described by publisher TKO Studio as “a hardboiled, supernatural crime thriller for the 21st Century.” Written by Steve Niles and Salvatore Simeone, and illustrated by Szymon Kudranski, it’s the story of Stu Manning, a failed cop who becomes a private detective. So far, so normal, until the only person Stu’s ever loved is murdered by a local crime boss and his desire for revenge unleashes a violent, monstrous secret that he’s kept locked away until now.

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights is part of TKO’s third wave of graphic novels, due to be launched on 9 November 2020, and is available either as a trade paperback or in six individual comics. Also look out for The Pull and Redfork.

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