The Pull

Steven Orlando and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz examine the end of the world from the viewpoint of an anti-hero who holds the only key to salvation

Cover of The Pull

TKO has an interesting publishing model, producing short runs of episodic comics that come out in two formats: a box collecting all the comics in a single story; and a trade paperback that brings them together in a single book.

The third wave of four titles from the publisher is imminent, with The Pull leading the charge from a science fiction perspective. With the end of the world imminent, it seems that the only person who can save it from impending destruction is a disaffected anti-hero. Ironically, it’s his fault that the disaster is happening in the first place. Will he step up and save the world?

The Pull is written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Pre-orders open on the 16 October 2020, with the books available from 9 November. Also watch out for Lonesome Days, Savage Nights and Redfork.

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