Something evil resides beneath a blue collar American town in this dark horror from Alex Paknadel and Nil Vendrell

Redfork cover

As we get closer to the 9 November launch date for TKO’s 3rd wave of graphic novels, here’s the lowdown on the third book, Redfork, which is launching alongside The Pull and Lonesome Days, Savage Nights.

Redfork, written by Alex Paknadel and illustrated by Nil Vendrell, is a visceral horror story from the outset. The main character, Noah, returns to his home town of Redfork after a stint in prison, to find it ravaged by corruption and drug abuse. However, it’s not poverty and deprivation that’s causing the town’s problems, but a darker evil that lurks below ground, in the town’s run-down coal mines.

Check out the art in our preview gallery, below:

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