Warm Blood

Josh Tierney’s high-school heroines tackle teen horror in this web-comic turned graphic novel

Warm Blood by Josh Tierney

The Webtoon website is new to me, but it looks a bit like a curated YouTube for web comics, where writers and artists can go to get their creations published online. Warm Blood is the first book I’ve seen to come out of the site, though it may just be the first one that’s caught my attention. It’s also available online at

Written by Eisner Award nominee Josh Tierney and illustrated by a range of different artists, Warm Blood is a teen-friendly horror comic. Penny wants to be a video-game developer but has to get through high school first. That ought to be straightforward enough, but bizarre murders and unknowable lurking horrors have a habit of getting in her way. Luckily her animé-loving friends are on hand to help fight these monsters.

Recommended for readers aged 12 and up.

4 thoughts on “Warm Blood”

  1. Hey Andy. I’ve noticed that your ratings have not been coming up lately! I’ve tried in different browsers and looked at the HTML. Definitely not there.

  2. Hi Peter. You’re right, some of the pieces I’ve been putting up don’t have scores. I’ve been trying to increase the number of posts I put up, so that there’s something going up every week day. If it isn’t a full review I’ve been marking it as a ‘preview’ and not rating it, as I haven’t actually read and reviewed it, so can’t pass judgement on it. However, these previews will be of books that have caught my eye or are the types of books that I think you might be interested to know about, even if they aren’t full reviews.

    I get a lot of new visitors through Google but this traffic has been dropping significantly over the years. This is my attempt to persuade Google that my site is alive and meaningful, so it sends me more people searching for graphic novels and it’s worth keeping the site going.

    I appreciate the continued support of regulars like you more than the Google ships-in-the-night, though, so if you have thoughts or suggestions on how I could make this work better for you, I’d honestly be delighted to hear them.

  3. That makes sense. I guess that maybe you could update your score panel to reflect that it’s in a To-Read state. I only noticed the big ‘Preview’ sticker now that you’ve mentioned it. Maybe remove “STORY: ART: OVERALL:” as it looks broken. It might be cool to add some tags so that people can search for more content on your site. E.g. Warm Blood might have “Teens, horror, web-comic, To-Be-Reviewed” (killing two birds with one stone).

  4. Gosh, you know, I hadn’t even noticed that the scores headings were still there! Thanks for pointing that out. That definitely needs sorting.

    The reviews have the kinds of tags you’re talking about (below the info box at the bottom) but I’ve been leaving them off the previews to try and preserve the integrity of the category pages to reviews only, but you’re probably right that it would be useful to include them. Great suggestions, Peter, thank you for your time.

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