Warm Blood

Warm Blood by Josh Tierney

The Webtoon website is new to me, but it looks a bit like a curated YouTube for web comics, where writers and artists can go to get their creations published online. Warm Blood is the first book I’ve seen to come out of the site, though it may just be the first one that’s caught my attention. It’s also available online at

Written by Eisner Award nominee Josh Tierney and illustrated by a range of different artists, Warm Blood is a teen-friendly horror comic. Penny wants to be a video-game developer but has to get through high school first. That ought to be straightforward enough, but bizarre murders and unknowable lurking horrors have a habit of getting in her way. Luckily her animé-loving friends are on hand to help fight these monsters.

Recommended for readers aged 12 and up.

Written by: Josh Tierney
Art by: Various artists
Publisher: Buño Books
First published: 2020